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Interview: Alvina Valenta

The Alvina Valenta Bridal and Bridesmaid collections features gowns that are known for their timeless elegance, sophistication and most especially their attention to detail. One of the collection’s most successful looks is the fluted silhouette. New head designer, Jessica Williams took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some quick questions about both the Bridal and Bridesmaid lines stating “Although my designs will continue to reference classic Alvina silhouettes, I also plan to introduce a soft, youthful touch with more airiness and fluidity that will give the line a dreamier, more romantic look.”

As the fresh face in design for Alvina Valenta, what makes your gowns unique compared to gowns created to head designers of the past?
Designers infuse something of themselves into their designs.  In my case, I pay special attention to beading and embroidery details, and strive to impart a modernity to the collections while still appealing to brides seeking a gown that will withstand time and outdated trends.  Keywords for me in designing for the Alvina Valenta bride are Feminine, Refined, Romantic, and Timeless, and I enjoy creating new and interesting ways to vary the combination of these personalities within the collections.

What was your inspiration for becoming involved with bridal gown design, as well as creating special looks for bridesmaids?
Bridal gowns are such a dream to design — creating a look for someone’s special day, and a dress she will look back on in memories and photos as representation of the moment she transitioned into this new and momentous stage of her life, with so much hope and love.  It is an honor for me, as a designer, to be able to play a part in such a special ritual of women’s lives.  Bridesmaids dresses are a complementary part of that picture, and with bridesmaids often seeking looks that are fun and festive, as well as making them look and feel good, designing for the bridal party entails a different kind of approach and personality, which I enjoy as well.

I think it’s great JLM Couture manufactures your gowns in the USA. Why do you feel it’s important to do this?
Being able to design and manufacture in the US, in NYC, allows me to be completely involved in the design process every step of the way, which means I can ensure that everything, including the fit, the exact drape, the subtle curve of the neckline, the precision of a beaded applique’s composition, is exactly the way I want it. Some people may not realize that many bridal lines are now manufactured overseas, and this leads to a gaping difference in the time and control the designer can exert on each gown, and subtle yet important details can be lost in translation.  I’ve designed that way in the past, and am so grateful to be able to work directly with my gowns in person every single day.

What advice do you have for brides about choosing their wedding gowns?
When brides are looking for their wedding gown, I believe it is important for them to listen to their instincts.  Trying on so many dresses can get overwhelming, and everyone is going to have an opinon, but ultimately, it is the bride’s dress and the bride’s wedding, so she is the one who needs to love it.  Please yourselves, ladies!  And maybe edit your dress shopping entourage to people whose opinions you value and who will understand and respect your own opinion.  Another tip is to try a variety of necklines and silhouettes when you first start shopping — you may be surprised at what you end up liking, and at what looks good on your body.  And most of all, have fun with the process!

This weekend, March 23-25, Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique will be hosting the Alvina Valenta Spring 2012 Bridesmaid trunk show. Schedule your appointment now to see all the new fabulous designs!

Interview: Jasmine Collection

We here at Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique are so excited about this weekend’s trunk show featuring Jasmine Collection’s Spring 2012 line. We spoke with Rachel at Jasmine Bridal who told us about this line and what’s in store for Jasmine Collection’s fabulous trunk show.

What makes the Jasmine Collection line unique compared to the Jasmine Couture line?

Jasmine Collection is unique because it presents brides with affordable luxury. Gown prices range from $600 to $1100 in this line, and even though the prices are lower, sophistication and style aren’t really sacrificed. The Jasmine Collection gowns are always romantic. They are definitely elegant, feminine, and modern. Some unique design elements for the Collection line are fabric manipulation, like pleating and gathering, and accented waistbands, they are huge for the Collection bride, and they are also great for brides who want to change up their look throughout the night because a lot of them are detachable. They can put on an ivory accent during the ceremony and then they can put on a colored one for the reception. So that’s always a lot of fun.

How does Jasmine Collection complement the B2 and Belsoie bridesmaid lines?

Gown with detachable train (short)

The Belsoie and B2 brands follow the same equation as Couture and Collection. For B2, those gowns are fun and flirty and romantic. We usually see that if a bride chooses a Collection dress, chances are her bridesmaids are wearing B2 styles. Almost all the gowns in the Belsoie and B2 lines, their lengths can be changed. Even if the gown is pictured knee length, it’s not a problem to make it floor length, and vis a versa. If you want one of two of the gowns shorter, that’s not a problem, we just do that when it’s ordered so it relieves the stress of when it’s altered after the fact. These lines really allow for endless options with color combinations and fun things as people do like to get creative. So it’s fun to see what kind of color schemes people come up with, what kind of orders and what styles they choose for their wedding. We love it over here.

Gown with detachable train (long)

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Since all eyes are going to be on you, you really want to have a dress that has an impact. So keep an open mind, don’t be afraid to try on new styles, but in the end you want to maintain your personality. So go with what your gut says after you’ve tried on different styles. You really don’t know what’s going to look good until you get it on. That’s half the fun of being a bride too is trying on all the dresses, so why limit yourself?

What can brides expect to see at the Jasmine Collection trunk show at Wedding Angels?

At the Jasmine Collection trunk show, again there’s going to be 21 different gowns, and the Collection gowns this season have a lot of those colorful accents. They are a lot softer, they have a more romantic feel which brides are definitely responding very well to. The Collection line also has a gown with a detachable train, it’s a one shoulder with a layered skirt, and the bottom comes out and it turns into a knee length dress again. This one has a colored accent waistband which is big for Collection this season.

Gown with removable ruffle straps

They will also get to see a really unique destination gown with ruffle straps that are removable, so that’s always a lot of fun, because you get those brides that get to hop on over to the Caribbean for their big day and they want something a little more informal so we definitely have that in the Collection line too. Overall I think Jasmine’s designs cover a wide range of specific fashions and they appeal to every woman because there’s really a look for the beach bride or the garden bride, and obviously the modern bride. We can fit all of those categories with our different styles. I think that brides who visit the trunk show at Wedding Angels will definitely be pleased at what they have to offer.

Proposal Contest Winner!

We had so many great entries in the Story of  a Lifetime Proposal Contest! Thank you to all the engaged couples that entered.

A huge congratulations to our winner Katelyn! You can read Matt and Katelyn’s proposal story here.


Katelyn won a free wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses and tuxedos for her wedding party! When we asked Katelyn what it would mean to win the contest, she said “I would love for Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique to be among
the many wonderful blessings that God has given me, and winning this would help both
us and our families in ways we’ve never imagined.”

We couldn’t be any happier! We wish Matt and Katelyn and lifetime full of love and happiness.

~ The Angels



Interview: Francesca Pitera on Jim Hjelm Bridal

The Jim Hjelm Bridal collection, designed by Francesca Pitera, features gowns that are sure to please even the most astute bride. Francesca’s talent for combining luxurious fabrics and delicate embroidery on prêt-a-porter silhouettes give the collection a unique feel of being traditional with a modern edge. We at Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique had the opportunity to ask Francesca a few questions about her work with the Jim Hjelm Bridal line.

What was your inspiration for becoming involved with bridal gown design?
Inspiration, for me, comes from within.  Every season takes me on a new journey.  I love every bit of the creative process and it all comes together.

I think it’s great JLM Couture manufactures your gowns in the USA. Why do feel it’s important to do this?
I feel that manufacturing in the USA is critically important to the American economy.  We need manufacturing to continue to be a foundation of strength for generations to come and I am extremely proud JLM Couture continues it’s manufacturing in the USA.

What advice do you have for brides about choosing their wedding gowns?
Keep an open mind and enjoy the process.  The moment you slip into that gown, a feeling takes over and you’ll know “this is the Dress”!

The Jim Hjelm Bridal line will be featured in a trunk show this weekend, March 16-18, at Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique. Make sure you schedule your appointment now so you can see all the fabulous Spring 2012 collection designs!

Pilot International Fashion Show

Don’t forget to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to the Georgia District of Pilot International’s Fashion Show. The show is tomorrow, March 17, at 11 AM at the 103 West Restaurant in Buckhead! Gowns from Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique will be featured as part of the show during this family friendly fun afternoon!

If you are unfamiliar with Pilot International, “Pilot clubs work together to improve the quality of life in their communities, sponsoring worthwhile programs that help countless individuals in need. Pilot’s service focus is helping people affected by brain-related disorders and disabilities through volunteer activities, education and financial support. The Pilot International Foundation furthers the organization’s humanitarian activities through the disbursement of grants and scholarships to support focus-related programs and activities.”

We are excited to be participating in the Georgia district’s fashion show as this branch supports two fantastic service projects for our community.

“The BrainMinders™ program promotes safety and prevention of brain related injuries that is geared to young children.  We present these programs to pre-school through first graders.  Our clubs participate in presenting this puppet presentation to almost all of our elementary schools within the six regions of our state.  Along with the presentation we issue coloring books to each child to reinforce the message of safety and protecting their brains for life.  Some of our clubs have taken this program and adapted it to present to older adults and with specialized information via puppets on ways to be safe in their homes or care facility.  This too has been a very successful endeavor.

Project Life Saver is another project that we are very proud of in Georgia and we must thank one of our Past Governor’s Evelyn McCain for bringing this to our attention and being what we consider our appointed “Poster Person” in helping our 60 clubs become more familiar with and to get this project started.   Many of our clubs work in conjunction with either their local Police Departments or Sheriff’s Departments who are trained in the tracking of wandering members of the community.  The clubs participate by providing the tracking bracelets to Alzheimer’s patients and Autistic children. The phenomenal results of this program have enhanced the lives of many of our Georgians.”

We are very happy to be participating in this fashion show, and we hope to see you there!

Proposal Contest: Wedding Crashers

Our Story of a Lifetime Contest ends this week. Here is one more of our favorite contest entries! You guys know how to raise the bar!

Brian and I knew of each other while in college and had seen each other from a distance but had misconceptions about each other. I thought he was a player and he thought I was stuck up, so we never spoke. It wasn’t until after college a series of random events led us to become friends and then really close friends. This went on for about three years until I moved from Va to Ga and Brian’s mom became sick with cancer. It was at this point our friendship deepened and we both started falling for each other. The way he cared for his mother while she was ill, I knew he was an extraordinary man. His mother ended up passing away and through it all I saw Brian’s strength, love and determination. He started to pursue me and for about six months, I resisted. Then, in the summer of 2010 Brian had to leave for Afghanistan for a year and the timing seemed all wrong, but I knew I had fallen for him and so we started dating and then he left a week later.

Jump forward one year and Brian had returned from Afghanistan and it was our one year anniversary. He now lived in Arizona but flew in for the weekend to celebrate with me. He asked if I wanted to go on a road trip back to the city where we met and became friends and of course I said yes. When we arrived that night – he had a two hour massage waiting for me. The next day he picked me up with flowers in hand and we went to the coffee shop where he and I went on one our first friend outings. After that we drove to other meaningful places where we had grown together and spent time reminiscing. Around lunch Brian mentioned he had packed a picnic for us and so we went to a beautiful garden and had a romantic lunch. He then suggested we go for a bike ride on the trail where I used to run every day and informed me had already rented some bikes for us. As we started on the trail I noticed a bouquet of flowers and a note at the first .25 mile marker. As we went along I realized this was a trend and there was more flowers and notes every .25 miles for the next 3 miles. I began to wonder what was up, but at the end of the trail, I was in tears feeling so loved, but there was no ring.

He said we had dinner reservations so we needed to hurry back to the hotel. So we raced back and when I walked in my room – he had two different dresses, shoes and jewelry laying on the bed waiting for me to pick from for our evening out. He told me I had two hours to get ready and he would be back to pick me up. We went to a very romantic dinner and I was feeling so in love and like I was floating when we decided to leave the restaurant and drive around a bit.

As we drove he suddenly pulled into the country club parking lot and says this is where he first knew he loved me, so we should go in. The catch was, there was a wedding going on. He convinced me we could sneak in and so we did.. past the ladies at the door and into the room in the back where he says “he knew”. As we walked in there were purple rose petals all over the floor and candles all over the room with an arch in the middle of the room with purple material and more purple roses all over it. I was still completely oblivious, thinking it was from the wedding, as he turns me toward him saying how much he loves me and cant imagine his life without me and then… gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring!!! I was in shock, but it all clicked and I said YES!!! I was SO excited that all this was just for me!! After a few minutes he suggested we go into the other room where I still thought the wedding reception was occurring with all the music I heard and laughter.

I reluctantly agreed, and so we snuck into the other room, as I walked in, I noticed it was actually all of our friends and family there with cameras, tables decorated as if for a reception, a table full of catered food and a DJ all there JUST for us to celebrate our engagement. The whole thing was set up to trick me! My parents had driven through 3 states to be there and his family had driven several hours. All of my friends and his friends were there from college and I was in complete shock. I saw my daddy there and started to cry. It was such an amazing day already and to realize he had been planning it for months and months in order to surprise me with the best proposal in the history of the world was such an incredible realization! I felt SO loved and cherished. I now get to marry my best friend and spend every day thanking the Lord for him!


Proposal Contest: Belugas

We have three finalists for our proposal contest. Stay tuned to see which on wins attire for their entire wedding party from Wedding Angels! We loved this submission!

Being young and in love is such a scary thing in this big world, but it is also such blessing. I was turning 20 years old on September 8, 2011, and my now-fiancé, Matt, was planning a very special day for me. He told me prior to the day of my birthday that he was wanting to drive us down to Savannah, GA early in the morning so that we could enjoy a full day walking to all of the shops, eating at a nice restaurant, and going to the beach. One suggestion that came up before he planned the Savannah trip was going to the Atlanta Aquarium to go behind the scenes of the beluga whale exhibit. Matt knows how much love whales, but I sadly had to decline the offer because I knew how expensive it would be to do that. We are young and we don’t have that kind of money to spend, and I certainly did not want him spending it on me. Going to Savannah, GA was good enough for me!

Early the next morning, we were packed up and ready to go to Savannah. We stopped to eat breakfast in downtown Atlanta, and after, we went back on our way. As we were driving through downtown Atlanta, I noticed he wasn’t getting back onto the interstate. I finally asked him what we were doing, and he told me that he was taking a shortcut to get around Atlanta traffic. After several minutes, I noticed we were approaching Atlanta Aquarium, and Matt asked me to grab a blue folder in his back seat. I was confused and saw the blue folder sitting in the back. I opened it up, and there were two consent forms for the Beluga and Friends interactive program. I was shocked. I asked him if it was a joke and he told me it was not! We were going to swim with beluga whales! I had never imagined I would be able to do something like this.

I could not stop smiling, and by that time, knew that the Savannah trip was just a cover up. I was beyond impressed with how well he played out the whole thing. It was around 9:30am, and we were among the first people to enter the aquarium that day. A man approached us as soon as we got there and took us inside, showed us around, and then handed us off to a very nice young lady who was going to be our guide. The lady took us to a room, where went through a quick class to learn a little about what we were doing and how to do it. After putting on wetsuits provided for us, we were then led into the beluga whale and harbor seal exhibit. We were able to touch the seals, meet all of the trainers, and enter the freezing cold water of where the whales swam. I knew from the moment I touched a whale that I would never forget this day. There were about four belugas total, and about 20 or more staff and volunteers helping out, including a photographer. Matt and I were the only ones in the entire exhibit who were not a part of the staff. We got to learn different things about the whales, watch them do tricks, and feed them fish. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

At the end of our session, the trainer in the water told me to do one last signal with my hands to wrap it up. I made an outwards circular motion with my hand and a whale named Beethoven swam off towards a bright yellow floating ring-type-of-thing that was placed in the water when I hadn’t noticed. Beethoven put his head through it and brought it back to me. Everyone was looking at me, and I was waiting for the trainer to say something. The trainer looked at me and said, “What did he bring you?” I examined the large yellow ring, and didn’t really know what to call it. I turned it over, and around the yellow ring, in big, black print were the words, “KATELYN, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. Not only was I freezing from the ice-cold water, overly excited that I was in the water with my favorite animals, embarrassed from everyone’s eyes on me, but I was at a loss from words that Matt just asked me to marry him! With all of these mixed emotions raging inside of me, all I could do was to gasp out the word, “YES!”. I couldn’t believe this. All of the trainers applauded, Matt kissed me, and Beethoven did a big jump out of the water. It honestly felt like a movie. How could something so perfect be happening to me? After he asked me, we got out of the water, Matt handed me the engagement ring that our guide was holding for him, we changed, and spent the rest of the day walking around and enjoying the aquarium. Even if I tried, I could not wipe the gigantic smile I had on my face.

Matt did a wonderful job of planning everything just right, calling the staff of the aquarium, and just keeping a surprise from me in general. The staff was all too helpful in training the whales to do this just for me, and I thought it was neat that they said it had been the first proposal they had ever done. I have to hand it to Matt, I could never have pulled it off the way he did. I believe it was the most amazing and unique proposals ever, and certainly a birthday I will never forget.

Proposal Contest Entry: Two Proposals

We have received tons of entries in our Story of a Lifetime Proposal Contest. We had three favorites! Here is one written by the groom!

Near the end of November/ beginning of December, my Grand Dad’s health took a turn for the worse, and we all began preparing for his move to heaven. During a final visit, my Aunt Debbie (who loves Krisi) called me over to her chair and asked “What are your intentions with Krisi?” Without skipping a beat I replied “well, she’s the one. I’m going to ask her to marry me.” Then my Aunt began to tell me about a dream she’d had the night before.

She dreamt I needed one of her rings – which is a custom ring she designed with a stone that was selected by my late Grand Mother, on her final romantic trip with my Grand Father to the Panama Canal. The topaz is surrounded by 8 tiny diamonds, which Aunt Debbie used from another of her old rings. The stones are set in 14K yellow gold. The yellow, blue and white colors are a beautiful combination.
I remember Tuesday Dec. 13 was an 11 on the Wiz-o-meter on the Today Show.

All day I sent Krisi my favorite love songs that we had shared over our courtship. I also sent some of our first email, IM chats, and Facebook messages– reflecting on the love that was so apparent between us, right from the beginning.

Proposal # 1
We arrived at OVI (Old Vinings Inn) where we had our first date, and were seated at a little two-top next to the window. While we were waiting for our food to come out, I began talking about all the love letters/ songs I had sent – I started quoting my favorite lines from those songs and how they reminded me or made me think of Krisi and our time together. Then I asked if I could read her the list… so I began. After I finished reading, I knelt next to the table. I took her hand in mine and held it (no ring present). I looked up into her beautiful face and twinkling eyes, and…. told her I how happy she makes me, how much I wanted to spend my life with her, and said simply “Krisi Eikey, will you marry me?”

She said “yes” immediately and had tears of joy in her eyes. I got up off my knees and we hugged and kissed. Then I reached into my pocket and told her about the ring I had for her that night. I told her the story behind it. She was so touched and happy. Of course we called our parents and shared the good news. They were all thrilled!

The next morning I called my Aunt Debbie and told her the good news. She was ecstatic! My Dad was also there tending to my Grand Dad during his last days. Dad broke into tears of joy over the phone. Dad told me that Grand Dad Joe got a big, big smile on his face when they told him of our engagement! Dad said it brought a lot of joy to the house that day. Grand Dad passed peacefully a week later, but it felt so good for us to know that we would be together and had found our match.

That morning, Krisi and I sat discussing the previous night’s events. It was inevitable, but I couldn’t keep her diamond engagement ring a secret any longer. I told her about the ring I had picked out back in September, and that I had planned to ask her at the Christmas POPS Concert (now just 3 days away). At that moment, I knew I had to figure out a way to get that ring in my hands for my planned proposal. We decided to keep our engagement private until Friday.

Proposal # 2
As we sat in our seats on the lower level, the concert hall was dark except for the festive, white Christmas lights bordering the stage, and two big Christmas trees and wreaths on each side of the orchestra. We sat there side by side in the dark; it was wonderful music, and the season of love was brought to life by wonderful instrumentation. The last song before intermission was “All I want for Christmas is You”. A vocalist came out to sing with the accompaniment of the ASO, and her rich voice filled the concert hall with warmth and love.
This was the moment I had been waiting for… I reached into my coat pocket, pulled out the ring box – I turned to Krisi (during the middle of the song, in the middle of the crowd) and opened the box. I whispered in her ear, and said “Krisi, will you marry me?” (much less pressure this time around). She gave me the biggest smile and looked directly into my eyes and said “Yes!” as excitedly as a whisper could be! I took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto her left hand (she was wearing the blue topaz ring on her right hand that night). It looked better than I had ever imagined it would look on her hand. It was the PERFECT ring! We just held each other close and tight throughout the rest of the song. In that moment, it was as if everyone and everything disappeared in the night – and it was only Krisi and I in the hall, enjoying a private concert by the ASO, hand-in-hand and madly in love!

It all made for one very memorable week. Krisi now has two rings and two proposals to share. It is nothing like I had planned, yet perfect for our love story. It definitely feels as if God matched us together and is orchestrating our lives in unison.

Congrats!!! We loved your proposal story!

Interview: Jasmine Couture

We here at Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique are so excited about this weekend’s trunk show featuring Jasmine Couture’s Spring 2012 line. In preparation for this weekend, we were able to speak with Rachel Krause of Jasmine Bridal to answer some questions that may ease your gown making decisions.

What is Jasmine Bridal’s inspiration for bridal gown design?

Hi-Low hemline gown

Bridal gown design is a lot of fun because there is always a challenge to create new and unexpected designs from traditional elements. It’s great to see what all of our designers can come up with every season, and it’s definitely a task to create styles that are like new twice a year, but our design team pulls through every time, so I guess the inspiration is in more of the challenge of wanting to make things that are new and different out of something so traditional.

What makes the Jasmine Couture line unique?

Jasmine Couture gowns are unique because of the amount of detail sewn into each piece. The Jasmine Couture line is created using time honored couture craftsmanship and it’s really evident in each hand sewn flower appliqué and crystal. These pieces are handmade and the details are hand sewn onto every single dress. In the Couture line, the designers really make sure that the fabric, the overall silhouette, and specific design details, like pleating and gathering, they make sure that they all work together to kind of purposefully create bridal looks that are really unlike anything seen before. Jasmine Couture is definitely for the fashion forward bride that wants a gown with classic and sophisticated elements. So it’s a little bit more high end and luxurious. It’s really a beautiful, sophisticated line.

How does Jasmine Collection compliment the Belsoie bridesmaid line?

Belsoie gowns are very sophisticated and mature looking. We definitely see that Couture brides opt for their maids to wear Belsoie gowns more often. But what’s great about this and the B2 bridesmaid lines is that they are kind of interchangeable, and the styles and fit are overall flattering. So we get a lot of brides that let their bridesmaids choose their gowns from either line and they just change the fabric to match. It’s one of our most popular services, and it really allows brides to make sure that their bridal party compliments their overall wedding look, while still allowing them to wear a gown that fits their unique personality.

For example, if two bridesmaids want to wear a Belsoie gown and two bridesmaids want to wear a B2 gown, those brides are fine with it and they just choose one fabric and we can make all four dresses in that same fabric. It allows each bridesmaid to be comfortable in her own style while still looking like a cohesive group.

The first gown in the Spring 2012 line

What can brides expect to see at the Jasmine Couture trunk show at Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique?

At the Jasmine Couture trunk show this weekend, Wedding Angels is going to be showcasing 21 beautiful gowns from the Spring 2012 line of dresses. Some fun details the brides are going to see are a dress with a detachable train, so it’s like two gowns in one, because you have this full long dress, and you can take off the train and it becomes a short, little, fun, knee length dress. The knee length version can be sold separately as it’s own dress, so if you don’t want the floor length version, then you can just get the knee length version instead. It’s the first piece in the collection, so if you are thinking about two dresses, one for the reception and one for the ceremony this is a perfect choice. They’ll definitely have to try that on.

There’s another gown with a very intricate beaded waistband, it’s gorgeous in person. A lot of the dresses obviously have luxurious fabrics, we’ve got some detachable jackets, dresses with Hi-Low hems, which we’re seeing a lot of lately on the red carpet, and a sophisticated style with different elements for each dress that makes them all fun.

Gown with intricate beaded waistband.

What advice do you have for brides about choosing their wedding gown?

I definitely like to advise brides to keep an open mind. I really think it’s important to try on different silhouettes to find the one that’s perfect for you because chances are the silhouette in the magazine that you bring to the store is maybe not going to be what you end up with for your dream dress. So that’s really key. Try on all the different gowns that your consultant brings to you, and even if you don’t think you like lace, at least try on a lace gown just to make sure and see how it would look.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We as a brand really enjoy working with Wedding Angels. They are one of our best stores in the whole nation and they are always very sweet. I work with them first hand through trunk shows, I think they are a really great store down in Georgia and I’m excited for them to host this show and I hope it goes well for them. We wish them a lot of luck, and we’re just really happy to be one of their partners.

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